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The ABCD Committee's Monthly Meeting

November Meeting

Tentative Agenda

Our next meeting will be held:

Friday, November 5, 2021
12:30 - 2:00 PM
Location: Zoom

Featured Presentation:

How We Are Making Sense of our Digital Assets

Felipe Estrada-Prada, Sr. Learning Technologist at HGSE

Presenting the overall challenges of managing digital assets at the Teaching and Learning Lab. The session will be broken into three main parts:

  1. A birds-eye view of the different types of assets we manage and how they are distributed across multiple storage solutions.
  2. Zoom into managing the assets for How People Learn, a foundational course at HGSE that has guided many of our challenges. We will also present how this connects to the work Gutman Library is doing to track reusable assets.
  3. Zoom out and share the lessons learned in this process and spark a conversation with all attendees.

Throughout the first part of the session, we will be capturing questions via PollEverywhere. I will set up the link and provide it to attendees during my presentation.

Felipe Estrada-Prada is the Senior Learning Technologist of the Teaching and Learning Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His areas of expertise include educational technology, adult learning, management, and leadership. He has designed online and in-person educational experiences in marketing and entrepreneurship for universities in Latin America. He holds a bachelor's degree in Management and an M.B.A from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, and an Ed.M. in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Tentative Agenda

We unfortunately cannot offer our traditional free lunch, and we are not quite ready to reintroduce the networking portion of the meeting, but we do hope to hear from our subgroups and new folks before our featured speaker.

Please note, you must register to get the Zoom meeting link to attend the meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. To add the event to your calendar, click the “Add to Calendar” link on the registration page or in your registration confirmation email.

  1. W3 W.G. - Miriam Leigh
  2. Women in Technology W.G. - Anisha Asundi/Elizabeth Clark/Deirdre Schreiber/Donna Tremonte
  3. Agile W.G. - Matt Carlson/Meenakshi (Meena) Pandey/Lisa Sheehan
  4. OpenScholar W.G. - Katherine Brodoff/Joe Weiner
  5. Salesforce W.G. - Jerome Harris/Georgina Pager/Patrick McNeal
  6. GIS W.G. - Jeff Blossom/Giovanni Zambotti
  7. Other Group Reports
  8. New folks
  10. Old Business
  11. New Business

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