Bob Doyle -- Biography

Bob Doyle (Ph.D., Harvard '68) directs the NewMedia Lab East in Cambridge and is Digital Video Editor for NewMedia Magazine of San Mateo, CA, the world’s leading multimedia magazine (215,000 circulation). He is an inventor with several patents who created Parker Brothers Merlin and several other computer games in the 1970's, and wrote MacPublisher, the first Desktop Publishing program, in 1984. Bob is adviser to Harvard-Radcliffe Television (HRTV), an undergraduate organization producing several television shows.

The Digital Video Decade

In 1990 digitizing video was a dream at some companies like Avid and Apple Computer, now Avid, Media 100, and other nonlinear editing systems are used for post-production throughout the film and television industries. In 1995 Sony, Panasonic and others introduced Digital Video camcorders, making all-digital production affordable. The Direct Broadcast Satellite was the start of all-digital video distribution, which will come to the Internet in the next few years, revolutionizing the TV and Cable business.

Bob Doyle will demonstrate and discuss a wide range of digital video technologies that will drive Multimedia and the Internet of the future - DV camcorders and the first MPEG camcorder, capture cards, compression codecs (DV, MPEG, M-JPEG, Indeo, wavelets, fractals, and several Internet video codecs), nonlinear editing, video server databases, IP multicast, the new DVD digital video disc and DVD-ROM, and Digital Light Projectors.

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